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About the Captain of The Seraphim Project 2012-2027 Living Lightship of Kindred Spirits
Here For
Friends, Relationships, Networking, Co-Creation, Education, Healing, Lightworking, Ascension, Initiation, Mastery, Soul-Searching, Spiritual Growth & Development, Interstellar Communication, Planetary and Cosmic Service, Spiritual Technology (Heart-based technologies; Unified Field Communication technology; Zero-Point Energetics)

About Me/Us
Although I am a Medical Professional by education and training, I am first and foremost an Intuitive Artist and Mystic whose Soul's main purpose and calling is to assist individuals in consciously and conscientiously integrating Divine Realities into the very fabric, ebb, and flow of our daily lives and moment by moment existence. It is my passion to reveal to others the extraordinary within the ordinary,and the nature of unfolding perfection. My Divine Expression is that of awakening the Seeds of Divinity within each of our Souls, letting it burst forth and thrive, bringing vitality, continuity, and meaning to the very lives we lead each step of the way. My Healing Path unfolds towards the Transcendence of Duality by embodying and upholding the Unity of All Life. I aim to shed light onto paradoxes and reconcile Matter and Spirit as but aspects of one indivisible whole.

I have plenty of interests and am open to so much more. I love conscious and free-spirited learning as I go through life. I love spontaneity, synchronicity, creativity, adventure, music, the arts, science, spirituality, mystical realities and more. I am most interested in what is authentic, dynamic, and natural in the ever present moment and as such I am most happy being with people who allow the natural divine flow of things to gracefully let life unfold each step of the way. Life, Nature, and the Universe make up my personal playground, school, and sanctuary. I know that whenever I am centered in my heart, I Am Home. When I am in my center, I am Home, right here, right Now, whenever and wherever that may be.

Favorite Music
All Music that Heals. "If the Universe is a Cosmic Symphony, then We are the Music, and Healing is our Ascending Melody." ~Maria Celeste G.

Favorite Movies
Movies of the Bardo Realm where the Higher Self Creates, Directs, Reviews, Renews and Closes Each Portion of the Holographic Grid of Incarnation.

Favorite Books
Books from the Akashic Libraries throughout Creation.

Favorite Quotations
"I Am What I Am Now, As I Move Towards What I Am Becoming... I Am 'Me', Becoming 'We', Creating In All Directions Into Infinity..." ~Maria Celeste G.

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