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Co-Creator Since 7/26/2014
Co-Creator Since 7/26/2014

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About The Infinite Rays of Higher Light, The Realm of Christ Consciousness
Here For
Friends, Relationships, Networking, Co-Creation, Education, Healing, Lightworking, Ascension, Mastery, Interstellar Communication, Planetary and Cosmic Service, Spiritual Technology (Heart-based technologies; Unified Field Communication technology; Zero-Point Energetics)

Unconditional Love, Forgiveness and Compassion; Justice and Mercy United in Beauty; Harmony in Diversity; Oneness expressed in Infinite Essences; Cosmic Consciousness; Unification of Matter and Spirit;Divinty in Humanity and Humanity in Divinity; Co-Creation in Eternity; The Eternal Now; Communion with All That Is and The Infinite Source of All Life and All That Is; Divine Intervention through the Delivery of Grace; Cosmic and Planetary Service through Avatar States; Akasha

Favorite Music
Music of The Angelic Host of The Seraphim; Music of The Spheres; Aum; Sacred Silence

Favorite Books
The Book of Life; Akashic Records

A Meditational Mystical Journey To Christ Consciousness

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