Divine Awakening Portal

This Divine Awakening Portal was made accessible in time-space around the year 2010 C.E. in terms of the current timeline from a linear perspective, upon a particularly intensive spontaneous DNA activation that has taken place within me, allowing for the sudden yet timely influx of a vast collection of memories, knowledge, understanding, and abilities. 

I experienced a major awakening to my current spiritual calling as a Solitary Wayshower, Intuitive Artist and Holistic Healer during these times of Great Shifts in Consciousness for Humanity on Earth.  I became aware that I am an Akashic Vessel, a Cosmic Physician, and the Captain of my own Ship called Lightship Seraphim.

~ Maria Celeste G. (a.k.a. VelAja TalaLei)

Awakening to Divinity: Transcending Polarity with Unconditional Love

Working with The Divine Seraphim Energies of Transformation, Transfiguration & Transmutation for Human and Cosmic Evolution

You are a Star in the Heavens.  In your heart you know this to be true.  Have you listened to your heart lately? 

In your deepest core resides the Divine Spark, awaiting expression in its most sublime splendor.

Let your heart speak to you and remind you that you are a child of the cosmos, a brilliant star expressing itself here and now.

This is A Call to Awaken and See the Divinty in All Beings


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