The Solitary Mystic Portal of The Seraphim Project 2012-2027 Missionary Platform

The Solitary Mystic:  Of Mirrors, Puzzles, Portals and Magic Potions


About The Solitary Mystic

  I am a practicing Mystic, Psychic-Intuitive Artist, Akashic Reader, Channeler, Reiki Master, and Quantum and Holistic Healer. I have been consciously building on my mystic journey for many years now in this lifetime. As my Spiritual Path continues to unfold, I remain ever ready to learn and be of service to The Divine and Infinite Source of Life, Grace, and Love. I am very much open to meeting and establishing meaningful relationships with Kindred Spirits along the way. In Divinity, Mastery, Cosmic Consciousness and Synchronicity, I humbly reach out to Souls of Sympathetic Resonance to my Soul, in Unconditional Love and Gratitude.

Timeline Shifts, Parallel Mergers, Multidimensional Transmutations and More

A lot of timeline shifts, parallel mergers, and multidimensional transmutations have taken place which I have personally experienced in this lifestream through the years, notably so in the last 3 years, that what began as a very private and personal spiritual path, has developed to become a major spiritual calling to reach out to others around the world -- people from all walks of life recognized to be kindred spirits who may benefit from valuable insights, perspectives, life lessons, and other expressions brought forth via my path as a Solitary Mystic.

Template for Spiritual Evolution, Awakening and Ascension

Building upon my mystic journey for many years, I have created an organic, multidimensional platform called "The Solitary Mystic: Of Mirrors, Puzzles, Portals, and Magic Potions" in partial fulfillment of my Soul Purpose in this lifetime.  This platform serves as a template for Spiritual Evolution, Awakening, and Ascension.

The Archetype of Sharing Mystic Paths

In other words, my main purpose is this: sharing to the world insights regarding the mystic path from my own inner knowing, direct experience, and unique perspectives.

Bravely Follow Your Unique Road

I aim to inspire, encourage and empower others to bravely and joyfully follow their own unique roads to ever increasing refinements of love, light, and purpose.

In The Spirit of Service to All and The Infinite Source

My solitary path as a mystic and wayshower continues, ever ready to learn and be of service to The Infinite Source of All Life. I am very much open to meeting and establishing meaningful relationships with kindred spirits along the way. In Divinity and Mastery, I humbly offer my services to souls of sympathetic resonance to my soul, in unconditional love,appreciation and gratitude.  This is in the Spirit of My Love and Devotion to The Infinite Source of All That Is, for Now and for All Eternity.

"It only takes a Spark to get the Fire going...and soon all those around will warm up in its glowing.  

That's how it is with God's Love...once You experience it...You'll want to's fresh like spring, You'll want to pass it on." 

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