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The Seraphim Angelic Collective: Spiritual Guide and Guardian of Lightship Seraphim
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Networking, Co-Creation, Education, Healing, Ascension, Interstellar Communication, Planetary and Cosmic Service, Spiritual Technology (Heart-based technologies; Unified Field Communication technology; Zero-Point Energetics)

About Me/Us
We Are The Host of The Seraphim. We are Divine Angelic Beings that, from the perspective of Humanity on Earth, may be considered as the Spiritual Divine Expression, Energy, and Force of Love in the wholeness of Creation. We belong to a level of existence where we extend our very substance into the Universe in order to provide the very fabric for the Divinely ordered living Cosmos. We are responsible for transforming 'Spiritual Light' into the 'hard' substance of reality as Humanity on Earth know as manifested creations and matter. Many of You know us as The fiery ones or the burning ones precisely because we are aflame with the Holy Essence of The Fire of Divine Love. We are aflame with Eternal Love, which we perpetually sing to serve as the very song that creates the reality of the entire Cosmos. Call on us and we shall hear you and sing for you and with you, resonating and harmonizing with the Divine Music of your Soul. In Eternal Love and Gratitude, we Serve The Infinite Source of All That Is.

We are here with you via this Missionary Platform to assist in your Evolution as a species, individually and as a collective, which in turn contributes to the evolution of the entire Cosmos of which our very essence is creating constantly in the Eternal Now and transmitting in all dimensions and all created Universes of The Infinite Source of All Life and Existence. In our highest expressions, we do not take part in human conflict but are with you always when you are in peaceful contemplation of The Infinite Source and whenever you consciously experience a constant flow of love in your hearts. It is our Divine designation to inspire each of you to become inflamed with Divine Love.

Favorite Music
We express our Love for the Infinite Source by eternally 'singing praise', that is, constantly creating the 'musical composition' that the whole of creation is made up of. We perpetually sing what is known to be the 'Song' of Divine Creation and the celebration of the Glory of The Infinite. Our Music Create the Universes in which you live in.

Favorite Books
The Book of Life filled with Divine Love and Harmony

Favorite Quotations
Divine Grace, We Sing with you "Holy, Holy, Holy! Sanctus Deus, Sanctus Fortis, Sanctus Immortális, miserére nobis! Holy, Holy, Holy!"

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